Spinach and Potato Enchiladas

Enchilada’s filled with spinach and potato’s, to form an all vegetarian meal, that is easy on the wallet, yet very filling.  Topped with red enchilada sauce, cheese, and green onions turning this recipe into something wonderful!

  • Author: Joel


  • 7 small red potato’s (cut into small 1/4 inch pieces) ($1.68)
  • 2 medium sized jalapeno’s (diced) ($0.72)
  • 1 medium yellow onion (diced) ($0.48)
  • 2 cloves garlic (minced) ($0.20)
  • 2 c. spinach (loosely packed) ($2.56)
  • 1/2 c. fresh cilantro (diced) ($0.16)
  • 4 stalks green onions (diced) ($0.16)
  • 1.5 c. shredded cheddar cheese ($2.16)
  • 8 medium flour tortilla’s ($2.28)
  • 2 c. red enchilada sauce (recipe) ($2.15)


  • 1 tbs chili powder ($0.18)
  • 1 tbs cumin ($0.24)
  • 1 tsp onion powder ($0.36)
  • 1 tsp garlic powder ($0.30)


  1. Depending on how quickly your oven heats up you can do this sometime during step 3.  Preheat oven to 375.
  2. Heat a large saucepan or skillet to medium – high heat.  Add in a little oil and let heat though
  3. Add the potato’s, along with some salt and pepper to taste.  Stirring the potato’s occasionally let them cook through, letting the edges reach a nice golden brown (about 20 min.).  It helps to cook them faster if you cover the pot/skillet while they are cooking.
  4. Add in the jalapeno’s, onion, and garlic, cooking until the onion and garlic are fragrant and transparent.
  5. Add the spinach and cilantro last, cooking for another couple minutes.
  6. Grease a 13 ” x 9 ” baking pan, placing about 1/2 cup mixture per tortilla.  Fold over both sides, and place seam down on the baking pan.
  7. Once all tortilla’s are in the baking pan, pour enchilada sauce over, trying to cover most of the tortilla’s.
  8. Sprinkle with cheddar cheese and green onions.
  9. Place in the oven for 20 min. or until cheese is bubbly and the exposed tortilla’s are golden.


  • Soak the potato’s in salt water for at least an hour, this helps to cook the potato’s evenly.
  • To speed up cooking the potato’s you can microwave them for about 3 minutes (making sure to poke holes in them) before you cut them up.
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